Little Rock Scripture Study

RECENTLY UPDATED!  The Little Rock Scripture Study:

  • Helps people to read, study and live the Word of God.

  • Encourages people to grow in personal knowledge of God.

  • Helps people experience a greater sense of Christian community.

  • Promotes and teaches Roman Catholic biblical scholarship.

Various Little Rock Scripture Studies are offered throughout the year.  Check the parish bulletin for updates.

Pathways Through Scripture Bible Study

Pathways is a four-year intensive Bible study course in which every book of the Bible is read and discussed.  We use materials from the Catholic Biblical School Program (Paulist Press), but additional resources may be incorporated based on the biblical book studied.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Year One - Old Testament Foundations (Genesis through Kings)

  • Year Two - New Testament Foundations (Gospels of Mark, Luke and John; Letters of Paul; Revelation)

  • Year Three - Old Testament Continued (The Prophets; Chronicles; Psalms and Proverbs)

  • Year Four - Old and New Testaments Concluded (Wisdom Literature; Gospel of Matthew; Catholic Epistles; Deuterocanonical Books; Hebrews)

Weekly sessions are offered based on a school-year model, and each class lasts approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

Not every year of the study is offered continuously; please contact Debbie Adams for information on current sessions being offered.

Adult Confirmation

Adult confirmation classes are offered yearly as needed to baptized Catholics (age 19 or older) who have received First Eucharist but have not yet been confirmed. Contact the parish office at 360-687-4515 for more information.