Father Aloysius Ssensamba

Fr. Aloysius feels privileged and humbled to have been appointed Priest Administrator of Sacred Heart and St. Joseph the Worker by his Grace, the Archbishop of Seattle.

Fr. Aloysius comes to us as a diocesan priest of the Archdiocese of Kampala, Uganda. He was born and raised in Uganda, in a large peasant family of 8 siblings. As a young Seminarian, in 1983, during the political insurgency in central Uganda, Fr. Aloysius had a tragedy where he narrowly escaped death but had his parents, sister and brother massacred, leaving him as the surviving witness of the incident. Fr. Aloysius believes that because of his survival, God has a special mission for him.

He studied at Nswanjere Junior Seminary, Kisubi Minor Seminary, Katigondo Philosophical Seminary and at St. Mary's Theological Seminary, Ggaba, Uganda. Fr. Aloysius was ordained a priest on July 16, 1994, at the age of 29. He has a BA in Philosophy and Theology, a Masters in Sacramental Theology, and a PhD in Dogmatic Theology. He has worked in Europe, including Italy.

Fr. Aloysius believes in the centrality of the Gospel values that aim to build a truly Christian community where all participate actively and have a contribution to make. He also believes that reaching out to all with care and love for spiritual nurturing is noble. Fr. Aloysius loves reading theology related literature, research, writing, and learning new languages. He also loves playing soccer, volleyball, and tennis.

Debbie Adams


Pastoral Assistant, Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation

Debbie's responsibilities in the parish include Family Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation, including RCIA.  Debbie earned a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry from UP in 2011.  In the same year she also completed the Christifideles Program administered by the Archdiocese of Seattle.  

Debbie lives in Battle Ground with her husband Jim and their three daughters.  Debbie's favorite quote is from St. Irenaeus of Lyons:  "The glory of God is a human being fully alive."  Her top five strengths are relator, learner, responsibility, arranger and maximizer.  Her email address is debbie@sacredheartbg.org

Debbie Wilson

Debbie Wilson.jpg

Pastoral Assistant for Administration

Debbie's administrative responsibilities in the parish include finances, scheduling, maintenance, administrative assistance to the Pastor, and many other miscellaneous tasks. Debbie's top strengths are positivity, communication, ideation, strategic, and maximizer. Her email is d.wilson@sacredheartbg.org

Garri Linardos

Parish Secretary

Garri is the Secretary. Her duties include greeting visitors, bulletin editor, parish mailings, and administrative tasks for the parish staff. Garri's top strengths are strategic, context, intellection, ideation, and input. Her email address is g.linardos@sacredheartbg.org.

John Zutz

Musical Coordinator

John leads a musical group as a vocalist and keyboard player, coordinates parish music, and assists with liturgical programming. John's top strengths are positivity, adaptability, communication, woo, and individualization. His email is j.zutz@sacredheartbg.org